LB Sheets

Lighthouse LB Sheets

LB sheets are card sheets in album format which come with a welded protective pocket. The film for our LB sheets is made from 100% polystyr ene. Leading archives and museums worldwide recommend polyester for the long-term storage of stamps, records and other valuable documents. The practical LB system with all its differ ent combinations of strips and pockets was developed after years of research and careful study of collectors’ needs. With the LB pages you can give your collection that special personal look. They are particularly useful for topical collec tions or adding special items to existing country albums. You can design any combination or grouping you desire. Mint sheets, maxi-cards, FDCs, booklets, singles, block souvenir sheets, even postal stationery. The blank system is also ideal for storing and displaying new stamps prior to receiving your new supplements. Overall size of the LB page is: 270 x 297 mm

LB Sheets

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