Alpine Countries 2020 edition Michel Europe vol 1

VAT included

Michel Europe 1: Alpine Countries 2020 edition


Michel Europe 1: Alpine Countries 2020 edition

Contents: Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, United Nations – Geneva, United Nations – Vienna.


  • The first volume of the new MICHEL Europe series presents some of the most popular European collection areas in a handy, inexpensive format
  • Price increases found particularly among the Swiss issues for international organizations, Austrian registered mail, postage and telegraph stamps as well as re-prints of classic stamps
  • Six new type variations for Austria and Switzerland
  • Also contains the extraordinarily innovative new issues of Liechtenstein and Austria that were reported in detail in the philatelic and non-philatelic media in 2019
  • More than 8200 high-resolution colour pictures and approx. 38,500 price quotations
  • Novelties included up to MICHEL Rundschau 3/2020

2020 Alpine Countries (E 1)

105th Edition, in colour

736 pages

155 mm x 230 mm, hardcover

Publication date: 6 March 2020