Michel Germany Junior 2020 - stamp catalogue

VAT included

Michel Germany Junior 2020


Michel Germany Junior 2020


Old Germany, German Reich, offices abroad, colonies, 
occupation issues of the first and second world war,
voting areas (with Saar area), Gdansk, Memel,
Bohemia and Moravia, Generalgouvernement, Sudetenland,
Feldpostmarken, local editions,
Allied occupation (joint editions,
Berlin and Brandenburg, SBZ, French Zone,
American and British Zone), GDR, Berlin (West), Saarland, FRG.


  • Optimal reference book for experienced philatelists as well as newcomers of all ages
  • Editorial revision of the entire content Price movements in the entire reference book
  • Around 10,000 colored illustrations and about 31,000 price quotations
  • Will include stamps up to MICHEL-Rundschau 12/2019


Edition: 48ed, in colour
Pages: ca. 660
Format: 115 mm x 188 mm
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Publication date: 6 Dezember 2019