Virtual Stampex

What is Virtual Stampex?

Virtual Stampex is organised by the same group that organises the twice yearly Stampex exhibition. We are pleased to be involved in this again.

For more information about the event have a look at this page Virtual Stampex Info

To be involved you will need to register to attend Virtual Stampex - here is the link

Virtual Stampex

During Virtual Stampex we will be running a few promotions including post free for UK orders  - plus 10% discount on Prinz stamp mounts and selected offers throughout the event.

Here are details of new products:

We have just taken delivery of some of the new 2021 stamp catalogues including the following:

Canada Unitrade 2021 Specialised stamp catalogue

Canada Unitrade

We have just received the new Renniks Stamps of Australia catalogue

Rennik Stamps of Australia

The new Zumstein Switzerland & Liechtenstein 2021 catalogue

Zumstien 2021

The new NVPH Netherlands specialised 2021 catalogue


The new 2021 Yvert France catalogue

France 2021

Don't forget we also have an Ebay store!

Ebay store