Please note that the Vera Trinder Shop website is now incorporated into the Prinz UK website.

We no longer have access to the old website - which was closed down in 2016

Please do not use the website as this is not under our control and we cannot be responsible for customers using this website - we are in the process of getting this out of date website removed from internet search results

We still offer most of the Vera Trinder own brand products as well as those of Prinz, Lindner, Schaubek and most other leading brands.

We are happy to offer a special limited 10% discount offer use voucher code VT10-2021 at the checkout to redeem your discount. This voucher is only valid until the end of 2021 and can only be used 3 times per customer during this period.

Vera Trinder products we still offer include: Click on the links to view them on our website!

6 up Postcard albums 

Guardian 4 per page postcard albums

Kestrel FDC albums

Merlin FDC albums

Hawid stamp mounts - not listed online but this link takes you to the related products - please note Hawid will stop making stamp mounts in June 2021 - so please try our Prinz stamp mounts - sometimes known as top loading mounts

Showgard Shaufix stamp mounts also known as split back mounts  - not listed online - please note as part of the Hawid range these will also stop being made in June 2021 - so please try our Prinz Gard stamp mounts

Other brands we offer include: SAFE, LIGHTHOUSE, STANLEY GIBBONS

Stamp catalogues from all leading publishers

Stamp album supplements

Products that Vera Trinder have offered in the past include that are no longer available, include

Stanley Gibbons Senator albums, Including Senator Standard pages, Senator Medium pages - suitable pages to replace these are our Standard Springback leaves

Stanley Gibbons Simplex albums, including the Simplex Standard pages, Simplex Medium pages - we don't have any replacement for this style

Stanley Gibbons Avon album - suitable replacement is our Prestge stamp album

Stanley Gibbons Devon album, including the Devon stamp album pages - we don't have any replacement for this style

Venus large exhibition protectors - we now produce our own version Prinz Exhibition protectors

Morley Bright watermark detectors - sadly no longer available - we don'yt have any replacement sachets.

Items that we no longer offer include:

Prangnell Rapkin albums - we still have some limited stock so please contact us

Philatelic books - sadly we no longer offer these but we do have some of the old stock listed on our Ebay shop Philatelic-Books Ebay shop