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Lindner Nimbus Eco 100 frames - choice of colours - special offer

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Lindner Nimbus Eco frames - choice of colours - special offer save 20% on list price - usually £11.40

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Lindner Nimbus Eco frames - choice of colours

Here is how it works: The frame can be opened completely. The collectible is placed on one of the two silicone membranes and the frame can be closed. The object will be held in place by the surrounding silicone membranes, keeping it in its position. A snap lock keeps the frame held together.

The frames of the NIMBUS Series offer a completely new way of setting the stage for your collectible items.

The Special feature, of these frames, are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes which surround your exhibition items softly and which create the impression that they levitate inside the frame. At the same time you have an un-restricted view of the back- and front side of your favourite pieces. There is no limitation in your fantasy as to what kind of items you would like to present in these frames. The material is very flexible and adapts completely to the surface of the objects and keeps them in their place; From coins and stamps to writing utensils, watches, knives, decorations, photos, jewellery and other favourite pieces - with Nimbus you give your favourite objects a special frame.